Elliptic Labs set to save your iPad from smudges with 3D gesture-sensing dock (video)

The dream of kitchen computing still isn't here, with many chefs forced to read from archaic paper-based recipe lists or, worse yet, memorize the things. Maybe all we need is a way to interact with our gadgets without getting them all messy, and maybe Elliptic Labs can get us there. Finally. The company has been teasing us with its 3D gesture interface for years now and it looks set to finally show off an actual product, a motion-sensing iPad dock prototype making its debut at CES in a few weeks. The idea is you perch this sucker in your kitchen and it gives you full control whether you're kneading sourdough or mixing meatballs, keeping your tablet streak-free -- and hygienic. That seems like somewhat limited usefulness to us, but check out the video of an earlier prototype below and see if it doesn't make you want to bake some cookies. And, if it does, feel free to bring us some.