Withings fittingly debuts iPhone-connected blood pressure monitor at CES

Trust us -- no one on the Engadget staff wants to know what their blood pressure is right about now. For those trapped in the hurricane that is CES, there's probably no better product to have laying around than this... but only if you're looking to confirm your suspicions about being in a high-stress career. Withings, the company best known for its connected scales, has just revealed the planet's first iPhone-connected blood pressure monitor, with an aim to make measuring vitals as easy as pie for iOS users. The idea is fairly simple: just plug the arm band into your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone, dial up the gratis app and start the process. All of the data is logged on the user's secure online space, and there's even a secure sharing feature that'll beam your abnormally high rates right to your frightened physician. It'll go on sale tomorrow around the globe, with the asking price set at $129 / €129.

Update: Looks like iHealth beat these guys by a dozen hours or so. Splitting hairs, but there it is.

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Withings Launches World's First iPhone Connected Blood Pressure Monitor

This revolutionary new product created by Withings, dramatically improves access to BP measurements for users worldwide

Las Vegas, Nevada - January 5, 2011- CES Booth #3619- With hypertension affecting almost 25% of the world population1, blood pressure measurement can help to save lives. However, until now, taking your blood pressure required the use of complex devices with multiple manipulations, mathematical operations and data recording procedures. Self- measurement has been recommended by the medical profession for many years2, but no one had yet found concrete solutions to expand its use.

This is why Withings chose to rethink the blood pressure monitor and turn it into an attractive, user-friendly connected device.

With the Withings Blood Pressure monitor, measuring and understanding your blood pressure couldn't be easier. All data is recorded and saved to the user's secure online space for easy measurement access and retrieval through their iPhone, iPad or other screen connected to a user-friendly interface.

Self-measurement is made simple by the Withings Blood Pressure monitor. It improves the reliability of readings and offers the option to share them with relatives, healthcare providers or medical professionals.

Through the Withings API, specialist partners can interface with the platform to offer additional services, as Withings has already proven with Google Health, MicrosoftHealth Vault and numerous health & sports coaching websites such as,,,,,,,

Says Withings co-founder Cédric Hutchings: "Apple revolutionized the world of smartphones by making them user-friendly like never before. By adding connectivity to high-tech devices, we simplify their usage and enrich them with extra services. Our goal is to take the drama out of using devices that can promote healthier lifestyles for all. We have achieved this with our Withings body scales, and are now repeating our success with the Withings Blood Pressure monitor".

The Withings Blood Pressure monitor only works together with an iPhone / iPad / iPod. The Withings Blood Pressure monitor, priced 129 euros, will be available from January 5, 2011 on

1 The Lancet, January 2005
2 Hypertension, Vol 6, 574-578, Copyright © 1984 by American Heart Association b350fbc9f0&keytype2=tf_ipsecsha

The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor seamlessly integrates with your iPhone, allowing you to carry your personal dashboard in your pocket for easy reference or whenever you wish to share it with others.

With Withings free application available from the App Store and the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor, people access to instant measurements.

The full data is recorded and saved to the user's secure online space for easy measurement access and retrieval through their iPhone, iPad, iPod
with detailed results display and the application states recommended values.
All readings are saved for a more accurate follow-up of your health. The automatically-generated graphs facilitate detection of new trends at a glance.

Technical features
• Oscillometric method • Blood pressure: 0 to 299 mmHg / Accuracy ±3mmHg or 2% of display reading. • Pulse: 40 to 180 beats per minute. Accuracy ±5%. • Automatic inflation and controlled pressure release valve for quick and reliable measurement.
Dedicated application
• Free Withings application available from the App Store • Designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (iOS 3.0 or higher)
Online space
• Private website, password secured • Follow-up of blood pressure and pulse • Comparison with recommended readings • Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari1
Data sharing
• Data is private or can be shared with other blood pressure monitor users. • Graphs can be made available on a web page (optional). • Secure data sharing for automatic transmission of readings to your physician.
• 4 batteries, 1.5V (AAA), supplied
• Arm circumference: 220 to 420 mm • Weight: 500g (excl. batteries) • Dimensions of the steel tube: length: 150mm, diameter: 36mm
Hardware requisites
• Only works along with an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

About Withings:
Withings designs, develops, and industrializes connected objects. Withings is a French start-up established by three executives from technology and telecom industry. With a focus on innovation and design for everyday products, Withings introduced in September 2009 its first-of-its-kind WiFi Bodyscale in the world. Withings is an actor of the Internet of Things. Increasing capacities of an object by network resources allows accessing to infinite calculation and storage capacities without increasing the cost. The object's interfaces are also ported to devices like mobile phones or computers, to benefit from their resources. Withings makes internet connected objects.