Canon VIXIA HF G10 boasts HD CMOS sensor and manual focus, joins new M, R, and S series camcorders

Another year, another revamping of your favorite company's camcorder lineup. Today's Mad Lib-esque fill-in-the-company-name is Canon. The VIXIA HF G10 is its new flagship with the approximately 2 megapixel (i.e. 1920 x 1080 resolution) HD CMOS sensor, a 10x optical zoom, manual focus ring, 3.5-inch touchscreen LCD, 32GB internal memory, dual SDXC slots, cinema filters, and a $1,499 price tag due in March. The M-Series all have the same HD CMOS sensor, 10x lens, 3-inch touchscreen cinema filters, dual SDXC slots and fits neatly into the new WP-V3 waterproof case. The 32GB M41, 16GB M40, and card slot-only M400 are coming in March for $799, $699, and $649 (the related case is $599 and coming out a month prior in February). The S30 has an 8.59 megapixel sensor, 3.5-inch touchscreen LCD, 32GB internal space, and is coming March for $1,099. Lastly, the new R-series. A 3.2 megapixel sensor, 3-inch touch panel LCD, HD-to-SD down conversion, dual SDXC slots, and 20x zoom. $499 for the 32GB R21, $399 for the 8GB R20, and $379 for the internal storage-deprived R200, all due out in February. We'll get hands-on when we can; in the meantime; lock your biological viewfinder on the pictures below.