Fujitsu announces Intel Oak Trail-powered Windows 7 slate, Android tablet coming later this year

Given Fujitsu's long long history of making tablets it's not much of a surprise to see the company venturing into the modern-day slate business, and while there won't be a formal announcement of its 10.1-inch Windows 7 slate and future Android tablet today, the company has decided to release some details about its forthcoming touchscreen slabs here at CES. Unlike past Windows 7 slates, Fujitsu's unnamed tablet is powered by Intel's new Oak Trail Atom Z670 processor, which was designed specifically for tablets and should improve both battery life and performance. In addition to the new silicon, the 1.5-pound slate has 2GB of RAM, dual cameras, and an all-important removable battery bay that can store two- and four-cell batteries. It certainly sounds like one of the better spec'd Windows 7 tablets out there, and Fujitsu also seems to be using some sort of Windows skin (there's another picture after the break), but Fujitsu isn't only betting on a Microsoft version -- it's also planning to introduce an Android version once Honeycomb is ready for larger touchscreen devices. According to the company, the Google model won't be ready until the end of 2011, but the Windows configuration should be ready to ship early in the second quarter. Word on the street is that Fujitsu has brought a working Windows 7 unit to Vegas as well as a waterproof tablet concept so stay tuned for all sorts of zany impressions.