DARPA awards BAE $8.4 million for BLADE wireless jamming initiative

DARPA's new BLADE initiative doesn't involve a blood sucking Wesley Snipes in a black leather trench coat, but we still think it's pretty awesome. This BLADE stands for Behavioral Learning for Adaptive Electronic Warfare, and is focused on developing a system of algorithms that will automatically jam threatening wireless communications on the battlefield. DARPA gave $8.4 million to BAE Systems to implement the project, which will detect, analyze, and counter wireless communications, without human involvement. BLADE would also allow troops to overcome enemy counter-jamming measures and prevent the use of remotely controlled IEDs. The system is broken up into three central components: detection and characterization, jam waveform optimization, and battle damage assessment. DARPA expects BLADE software to be easily integrated into existing electronic warfare equipment, and should be ready for use in 2012 -- still no word on a comeback for Mr. Snipes.