iHome iW2 and iW3 AirPlay wireless speakers hands-on sneak peek

iHome's big announcement here at CES is the AirPlay-enabled iW1 wireless speakers, but the company also gave us a quick sneak peek at the iW2 and iW3, two new smaller systems that are due to be released... sometime. Both systems are essentially identical internally, with two low-range drivers and two tweeters, but the iW2 is laid out horizontally, while the iW3 is a tower. Since they're designed to be cheaper fixed satellite speakers for around your house, they don't have internal batteries or the iW1's grab-and-go charger, but they do pick up Ethernet ports, and you can still use the new iHome Connect setup application. No word on price, but the iW1 is $300 and these are meant to be cheaper -- we'd guess $200 or so.