Exclusive: Barnes & Noble phasing out the Nook 3G

Barnes & Noble may be selling millions of Nook products, but it's sounding like the 3G variant hasn't really done its part to help those figures. We've received hard evidence from within B&N that the Nook is being discontinued, with sales to seemingly continue until stock is exhausted. The outfit is encouraging retail partners to not send out any bulk orders for the Nook 3G, as there simply won't be sufficient quantities to fulfill those orders. Of course, we're told that the company never actually received a huge amount of Nook 3G bulk orders to begin with, so maybe WiFi really is everywhere these days. At any rate, grab yourself a Nook 3G post-haste if you've been thinking it over -- once they're gone, they're gone for good. Or, you could wait for a next-gen version with a Pearl display. Just sayin'.

Update: We received clarification that the discontinuation isn't due to the lack of bulk sales, they're just the first casualty of a dwindling supply.