Alphyn Industry jackets play iPad close to the chest, stick smartphones on your wrist

When startup Alphyn Industries speaks of jacketing an Apple iPad, the company means it in a literal sense -- this PADX-1 Ledge is a form-fitting polyester and silicone pullover with a zippered shelf to both protect your slate and offer easy access. Twin straps hold up the slate in a work-friendly position, connected to load-bearing straps built into the jacket that fully distribute the weight -- a technique founder Ben Raviv learned as a ballistics specialist for defense equipment provider HighCom Security. At $285, it's certainly an investment, but we found the garb both comfortable and quite warm when we donned it today at Macworld 2011, and though the close proximity of the screen to our chest didn't make for easy typing, it's more useful than other products we could name.
Alphyn's also got a second $285 jacket, the SOMA-1, which also quite literally sticks an iPhone or iPod touch up your sleeve. We weren't able to wear this one, but we admired the design, with a zippered channel that runs all the way up one arm to connect and store earbuds and a thick transparent film for wrist-mounted use. You'll find the PADX-1 available right now, and the SOMA-1 up for pre-order at Alphyn's website. PR after the break.

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San Francisco, California U.S.A. - January 2011

Imagine always having your gadgets at hand whenever you need them, accessible only to you. Alphyn Industries presents the next generation of interaction with Wearcom™ garments. Seamlessly interfacing with the latest and greatest communication devices, our garments proudly stand by the information revolution. Alphyn Industries is a brand new company dedicated to bringing you cutting edge apparel technologies straight from the military industrial complex and secret aerospace labs. Our products are the result of years of defense industry research and superior garment architecture. Through our new products, everything that you need to make the future a better reality is within reach.

The SOMA-1 Wearcom™ pullover is the most advanced garment on the market today. Dedicating a custom pocket for your smart phone on your left forearm, it is made of advanced waterproof thermal softshell with the perfect balance of strength, stretch and softness-- and it allows you to stay connected while out and about in public. The SOMA-1 is the first garment of its kind to allow for easy, single handed control of your smartphone. Designed to fit a variety of smartphone devices including: iPhone G3 and G4, iPod Touch, and other similar devices (2.5 x 5 Inch). Wearcom™ pullovers for iPhone and iPad makes it easy for you to apply the smart devices effortlessly into your professional and social activities.

The garment's architecture and the forearm support straps prevent the device from shifting around and helps distribute the smartphone's weight across the entire left arm and shoulder. The patented SOMA pocket is designed to hold your touch screen phone and enables you to control it through a thin but rugged and ultra transparent film-- clear enough even for your most important video calls. The padded protective cover can be kept in place in the open or closed positions. The protective cover can also be used to shade the device screen from bright lights or preying eyes. The SOMA-1 pullover has our Advanced Kangaroo Pockets with a zippered pocket on either side for your hands and a small middle zippered pocket.

The PADX-1 LEDGE Wearcom™ is your iPad's new best friend. With the PADX-1 LEDGE you can now comfortably use your iPad anywhere, with both hands freely available to interact with the device or with your environment. The patented LEDGE pocket securely holds your iPad on your chest on a protective, supported platform. It is designed to allow for easy access to a smartpad device when needed, and then for the user to quickly put the device away by simply zipping up the LEDGE pocket. The PADX-1 LEDGE Wearcom™ is designed specifically for the iPad. With the growing popularity of smartpad devices, we will soon also accommodate other devices such as the Samsung GALAXY, Toshiba Smartpad and the ViewSonic ViewPad.

The PADX-1 LEDGE Wearcom™ pullover is made of advanced waterproof, thermal softshell, with the perfect balance of strength, stretch and softness. A load-bearing harness system at the chest and shoulders supports the smartpad device and distributes the weight on the upper body to reduce fatigue. The patented LEDGE pocket is designed to hold the smartpad against the chest and allow for easy device viewing and control. The LEDGE pocket flap attaches snugly to the smartpad device to prevent it from shifting around. The pocket flap also protects the device from light impacts. The PADX-1 LEDGE pullover has our Advanced Kangaroo Pockets with a zippered pocket on either side for your hands and a small middle zippered pocket.

The ЯGen™ V1 Long Sleeve Shirt is extremely soft and comfortable. Its V neck collar, full length sleeves and light gray color makes it a stylish and easy-to-wear shirt. The ЯGen™ V1 features ЯGen™ Silver Armor technology designed to protect the wearer from invisible environmental threats like dangerous bacteria and EMI radiation, making it one of the most advanced garments on the market today.

ЯGen™ Silver Armor shirts are made with specially designed cotton fabric with silver particles that reduce odor-causing bacteria. Test results prove these garments are effective in inhibiting the bacteria (Lactobacillus brevis) that grow in sweat and form the odorous metabolites. By inhibiting bacterial growth, the ЯGen™ shirt also aids in the healing of cuts and wounds. To protect the wearer from harmful EMI radiation, the ЯGen™ shirt uses the Farady cage principle to deflect electromagnetic fields away from the wearer. ЯGen™ Silver Armor shielding has been shown in testing to provide modification to at least 99% in the frequency range of 800 MHz to 18 GHz. The ЯGen™ textiles have been tested for more than 100 washes without reduction in shielding effects.

All of our products are sold through our online store at

Alphyn Industries is a San Francisco-based company founded in 2010 by Ben Raviv.