BlackBerry Messenger 6 details leaked, we fear for addicts everywhere

Details of the new BlackBerry Messenger are leaking out all over the internet today, and what we're seeing is an app that could make your CrackBerry even more impossible to put away. In a move that shows RIM's eagerness to loosen up a bit, BBM 6 could be adding at least one new feature that isn't exactly boardroom-appropriate: gaming. Rumor has it that the app's new iteration, which will run on OS 5.0 and greater, incorporates a function that allows users to use their BBM name as their gamer name, as well as update their status automatically to reflect completed gaming tasks. BBM 6 would also allow for larger chat groups and cross chat. We've no real way of predicting the app's impact, but if the rumors turn out to be true, we wouldn't be surprised to see a second coming of the BlackBerry massage.