Google Music and web-based Android Market could be announced tomorrow

Google's last Android-centric event, Google I/O in the middle of last year, treated us to a pair of delectable demos that may now finally be turning into mobile realities. One was a web client for the Android Market with OTA installations -- you just browse to an app you want to install while on your desktop and choose to push it to your Android device -- and the other was a cloud-based music backup and streaming service. The latter has since picked up the moniker of Google Music in subsequent rumors, and today both are receiving some speculative support for a launch at tomorrow's Honeycomb event. Android and Me has an insider source claiming the web-based Android Market is finally ready to roll out, whereas BusinessWeek reports Andy Rubin is heading up Google's digital music team and also has software ready for release, potentially at some point this month. Given the importance of both new additions, it's highly logical for Google to at least announce and show them off once more tomorrow. Then we can get back to waiting for the next Android update.