Next-gen Ford GT supercar to be a hybrid, still weigh 500lb less than predecessor?

Ford's GT came back to life in the mid 2000s to give the brand a much-needed halo car and to re-kindle the fires of those who watched the GT40 trounce the Ferraris at Le Mans in the late '60s. It didn't live long, but rumors of its re-resurrection are growing stronger. Latest comes courtesy of Auto Express, which indicates this generation GT will weigh right around 3,000lbs -- a massive 500 lighter than its predecessor despite this new model supposedly packing a hybrid system. It'll offer a supercharged V8 paired with an electric motor driving the front wheels, not unlike the setup in the Porsche 918 RSR and its street-going version, the 918 Spyder. If these rumors prove true it'll hit that target thanks to an all-aluminum chassis, composite body panels, and an aggressive diet.