WiFi-only Motorola Xoom tablet does its FCC duty, silver version spotted in Dubai (video)

We heard some weird reports over the weekend that the 3G Motorola Xoom tablet couldn't be sold unless you bought at least one month of wireless data. That, plus the groan-inducing $800 MSRP, is surely giving some potential buyers a wee bit of pause. This might help. Crossing the wires at the FCC is what appears to be a WiFi-only version of the Xoom, called a "wireless tablet with embedded WLAN." It's lacking a 3G radio so, unless Moto has another trick up its sleeves, this is probably that. Obviously any speculation on price would be highly... speculative, but here's to hoping ditching that modem brings this thing down a Benjamin or so. Also spotted, this time in Dubai but also embedded below, was a silver version of the Xoom, sporting a two-tone back that will nicely complement your Casio Data Bank calculator watch. No word on whether we'll get that on these shores, but we hope so. Variety is, dear readers, the spice of life.