BMW puts a range-extending ICE in its Megacity EV, provides tonic for your range anxiety

When we first left the safe confines of our parents' home, many of us experienced separation anxiety. As we grow older, we suffer from disconnection anxiety -- and no, iPhone owners, that doesn't refer to your fear of dropped calls. Now, BMW is combating our range anxiety, or fear of being stranded when your car's batteries run out of juice, by putting an internal combustion range extender in its Megacity EV. BMW is taking a page out of the Chevy Volt's playbook by placing a small ICE in its EV that doubles the range of the vehicle from 50 to 100 miles -- all in an effort to assuage the (irrational?) fears of its potential US customers. The gasoline generator will be an option for those who wish to venture beyond the city limits, so if you want to keep it totally green you can still do so. Our Bavarian friends won't be bringing the Megacity to market until 2013, so that should give you enough time to decide if you want to hasten the death of the ICE or prolong its life a bit longer.