Microsoft France pegs Windows Phone 7's copy and paste update for second half of March

We'd heard "early March" being thrown around for the so-called NoDo update to Windows Phone 7 that includes support for copy and paste (along with performance tweaks and a CDMA stack that'll allow Sprint's HTC Arrive to go about its business) back at MWC, but it looks like that may have slipped a tad: Microsoft France's official PR blog is now trumpeting the second half of this month, which means you can probably stop checking your phone for updates every 15 minutes and regain some semblance of sanity and normalcy in your life for a few days. Legendary Microsoft insider Mary Jo Foley says her sources are telling her that the week of March 21st is looking likely -- conveniently the week of CTIA and the Arrive's launch -- so that would make some sense.

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