Rumor: BlackBerry Messenger to land in the App Store on April 26 [Debunked]

Update: Boy Genius Report gets the official word from RIM; BBM is not coming out for iOS on April 26 (and that 'social media conference' where the CEO spoke? Also imaginary). That doesn't mean it never will, but we've erased that "x" from our calendars.

Rumblings of an iPhone version of BlackBerry Messenger surfaced earlier this month from an unidentified source that provided a tip to BGR. Another unconfirmed source has stepped forward with additional information on the MacRumors forums that points to an April 26 debut of the BlackBerry Messenger app in the App Store.

This latest information purportedly comes from an attendee of a social media conference hosted by RIM in Toronto [which never happened -- see above]. During the presentation, RIM's Co-CEO Jim Balsillie supposedly told those in attendance that BBM would make its way to the iOS App Store on April 26. The source also claims the app would be updated this summer with a new notification system. This last piece may be an indirect reference to iOS 5, which may overhaul Apple's current notification system.

Douse this rumor with some pickling salt, kosher salt and table salt as we cannot verify this April 26 date, nor the existence of a BBM app. Based on earlier leaked information and RIM's move to incorporate Android application emulation in its PlayBook tablet, a move to iOS in the upcoming month is not that far-fetched. Anyone a believer?

The image above was provided to TUAW several weeks ago and should not be considered evidence one way or the other of a BBM app.