King of Kings 3 Dragon God Resurrection expansion features dragon taming

April is a big month for gamigo's King of Kings 3. The free-to-play fantasy title will be unveiling its first expansion over the next few weeks, and the new Dragon God Resurrection patch looks to add a slew of content to the game.

For starters, the level cap is being raised to 140 and a second level of specialization is being unlocked (which will increase the game's class total to 27). Crafting is also being expanded, with the available equipment now scaling to 140 alongside the new level cap. Seven new boss monsters have also been added, and each drops powerful artifacts that players can use to create valuable weapons.

Finally, what's a Dragon God Resurrection expansion without dragons? King of Kings 3 has them in spades, including the big nasty boss monster variety as well as tamable dragons that may be used as flying mounts. "Dragon Knights can even raise their own dragons, nurturing a baby dragon into a fully grown flying menace" according to a gamigo press release. The expansion is also adding a good number of new items, quests, and dungeons, and you can read all about it on the game's official website.