Sony Ericsson sets up its own channel in Android Market, relegates 'My apps' link to a menu item

Open up Android Market on your Android device today and (most of) you will see a familiar set of three headings -- Apps, Games and My apps -- bidding you welcome. Do the same on your Sony Ericsson Android phone, however, and the last item in that list might no longer be there. That's because SE has decided to introduce its own "channel" to the Market, wherein you'll find a load of Xperia handset-specific junk software and other specially curated bits that your smartphone is adjudged to be in need of. The change means you'll need to open up your menu to get at your own apps, but that shouldn't be an entirely unfamiliar activity for Android users. Sony Ericsson may be the first manufacturer to pull this switcheroo, but it's following in the well-worn footsteps of Verizon and T-Mobile in the US. And speaking of carriers, Sony Ericsson says this change is operator-dependent, so if you're nice and lucky, your operator won't bother to roll this out. Sadly, our Xperia Arc has already been infected.