Tiny CrazyFlie quadrocopter piloted by Playstation controller, does not run Doom (video)

While autonomous quadrocopters are quietly evolving into Hunter-Killers, there's still one who just wants to be your friend and playmate. Meet CrazyFlie, a tiny (so tiny!) chopper you can hold in the palm of your fleshy, human hand. Built by the trio of hackers at Daedalus Projects, on a printed circuit board that weighs just 20 grams and spans eight centimeters, it's piloted using a Bluetooth Playstation controller; the onboard Cortex-M3 CPU keeps it flying stable by monitoring gyroscopes and accelerometers and adjusting rotor speed accordingly. Enjoy its adorable, gnat-like whirring in the video after the break, and the source link includes a detailed build diary for the truly ambitious.