Next-next-gen Atom will be a system on a chip called 'Silvermont,' pack 3D transistors?

Last week, we were treated to an earful about Intel's plans for its future chips -- most notably, that it's committing to 3D transistors across the board. Well, that trickle of information hasn't run dry just yet -- today's tidbit gives us a peek not into the next-generation of Atom, but the one already in the works to come after that. The new processor, codenamed "Silvermont," will be a system-on-a-chip and is reportedly slated to ship sometime in 2013. CNET also cites unnamed sources who claim that it will be designed specifically to take advantage of Intel's 22nm technology and 3D transistors. As it stands, though, they boost the cost of wafers by two to three percent, so here's hoping that premium comes down before the netbooks of the future hit the market -- if we have netbooks in the future.