NEC spits out LaVie L and S Series laptops, ValueStar W and N Series all-in-ones

Like your computers Japanese and fire engine red? You might want to have a gander at the quartet of PCs NEC just churned out, including twin LaVie notebooks and ValueStar all-in-ones. The laptops both have 15.6-inch displays, optional Blu-ray drives, and hard drives as large as 750GB, but the L series packs a TV tuner and maxes out at a Core i7 processor, while the S series' top CPU option is a Core i5-2410M. On the desktop side, the W series has a 23-inch screen, Core i7 processor, a 2TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GT 425M card, a TV tuner, and a Blu-ray drive with an optional 3D display. Moving on down the line, the N Series offers a 20-inch screen, Core i5 processor, and integrated Intel graphics, though it, too, will be offered with a 3D panel. No word on pricing or availability, but for now you can check out hands-on photos aplenty at the links below.