Flottille unfolding origami is anti-nanotechnology, pro-chilaxing (video)

Turn the lights off, crank up your Music for Airports LP, and clear your appointments for the rest of the afternoon -- it's time to get your relaxation on with Flottille, tiny paper snowflakes that unfold as they're exposed to water. French artist Étienne Cliquet uses a computer to design the machine-cut pieces, folds them by hand, and then gingerly dips them into the water with a pair of tweezers. The shapes expand slowly and hypnotically, likely the result of absorption through capillary action -- not quite self-folding origami, but it'll do in a pinch. Cliquet hopes they'll shine some light on the "disturbing potential of micro and nanotechnology." Fine, but what about the disturbing potential of origami-based technology?