HTC Sensation goes to FCC for a second helping, flavored with AT&T bands

At the risk of toying with our ever-so-fragile hearts, the HTC Sensation took a second spin through the hallowed halls (or labs) of the FCC. This time, however, it went through with slightly different innards. The same PG58110 was spotted sneaking a visit to the nation's capital with AT&T frequencies -- 850 / 1900, to be specific -- in tow, rather than the T-Mobile AWS we saw in the first go-round. Now, before any Big Blue loyalists jump too far out of their chairs, know that this doesn't guarantee we'll see an AT&T-branded Sensation adorning the walls of retail stores, but at least there's a chance we'll see an unlocked version to purchase on our own at some point. It seems like a lot for a manufacturer to go through when it could've just included all of the US bands in one phone, but we digress. Follow the break for another FCC image.