TiVo Premiere Q, Preview boxes bring quad-tuner or non-DVR options to the lineup

In an early preview of TiVo's plans for The Cable Show this week in Chicago, TMCNet has posted information on two new set-top boxes that will be offered by cable operators RCN and Suddenlink. As suggested by recent surveys and forum posts, the Premiere Q is a quad-tuner DVR with multiroom streaming of up to three HD feeds via MoCA or Ethernet, while the Preview is TiVo's first box without a hard drive and serves as a client to the main box. Another revelation is news that an updated version of TiVo's iPad app will include be able to browse cable VOD, allowing users to select it on the tablet and then "flick" it to their box where it starts playing. If the information holds up the new hardware seems competitive and modern enough, but we're wondering if TiVo will continue to serve end users who prefer to buy equipment instead of lease and are waiting for things like the new DirecTiVo or software updates that enhance performance on the Premiere and finish off its HD menu system.

[Thanks, @BrennokBob]