Sharp begins Eco House evaluation in Japan, aims for eco-friendly tech mecca

Looking at vacation homes in Osaka, are you? If you happen upon a blueprint that looks anything like the crib shown above, we're guessing that it'll cost you a pretty penny. Er, yen. Sharp has just started the evaluation process on its newly completed Eco House -- an abode that aims to emit precisely zero carbon emissions while not compromising on the technology within it. It's outfitted with a cadre of energy-saving appliances and AQUOS TVs, all networked in via HEMS and programmed to display energy usage to whatever landlord decides to stop by for the day. Not surprisingly, some of the energy is being sourced from photovoltaic modules, and we're told that a downright absurd 180-inch LCD will be "evaluated for suitability to today's green-conscious world." Something tells us the company won't have too many issues finding volunteers to occupy the joint.