Kingston Wi-Drive for iOS hits stores today, lets you create your own portable music server for $130

Services like Spotify, which had an anything but subtle launch last week, help solve the evergreen issue of limited local storage by streaming millions of tracks to your devices. But streaming services require cell reception to operate (unless you've elected to store music locally), and often carry monthly fees. We've spent a fair amount of time testing Kingston's Wi-Drive, which lets you access music, videos, and other files from a handful of devices simultaneously over WiFi -- assuming you've loaded that content to the portable media server's 16GB ($130) or 32GB ($175) of built-in storage. The device worked well during our review process earlier this month, and now you can pick up one of your own at sites like Amazon and Newegg, or at Fry's and J&R US retail outlets. The server is likely to be a better fit for families than individuals simply looking to boost their iOS device storage, due to both price and capacity limitations, but if you need to stream media to several devices at once during your next road trip, for example, then the Wi-Drive may be worth the investment.