Kyocera Echo Gingerbread update now rolling out, may brick (update: rollout pause)

Kyocera may have jumped the gun yesterday with word of the Echo's Gingerbread destiny, but today those Android 2.3.4 goods have been made official. Rolling out to users in the next few weeks, the OTA update adds Google's latest OS refinements to the dual-screened phone, as well as a new Downloads app, Swype 3.0 and power-saving Eco Mode. Impatient owners can always forego the wait for a carrier-pushed upgrade and pull it themselves, but a word of caution: commenters over on AndroidCentral's forums are claiming this update bricks phones. We've reached out to Sprint for comment on the matter and while the company is aware of the issue, no official statement has been made. So, go ahead and start downloading, or not?

Update: We've confirmed with Sprint that there is indeed an issue, and that its product team is "troubleshooting the issue and [has] suspended the update until further notice." Here's hoping things get going soon, with the sailing being a bit smoother the second go 'round.