Vinci tablet for babies goes up for pre-order, prepares to be hurled across the playroom

When some of us were tots, there was one family computer, and we were lucky if we got our sticky little fingers on it while we were still in diapers. Times have changed, though, and for some parents, sharing the 'ol iPad or 10.1 with curious babies just won't do. Enter Rullingnet's Vinci tablet, that ruggedized tablet for toddlers we played with back in January. It's up for pre-order now, and though it's not exactly the modded Galaxy Tab we saw demoed, it's a very similar piece of hardware with a 7-inch (800 x 480) display, rugged casing, a 3 megapixel camera and Froyo on board. If you'll recall, it's missing any wireless radios (you know, to keep littles ones from being exposed to radiation), but parents can update apps via microUSB. Aside from the kid-proof caging, though, the hook here is that the tab comes pre-loaded with educational content such as 3D games, music videos, and animated storybooks -- a package overseen by the company's founder, herself a mother to young kids. With a starting price of $389, it's slightly less expensive than other Android tablets, though there's also a version with a more grown-up $479 price tag that doubles the battery life to six hours and comes loaded with more educational goodies. Hit the source links to pre-order, and remember that the tab's intended for kids ages three and under, so if yours is already forming sentences, well, your investment should be good for at least a year.