Netduino and WP7 used to remotely control sprinkler system, show off Microsoft's DIY credentials

Arduino, Android and the iPhone usually get all the DIY love, but Mike Linnen, he has taken the road less traveled by -- turning to Windows Phone 7, Azure and a Netduino Plus to get his home hacking on. The .NET-powered microcontroller is the heart of Linnen's new sprinkler system which can be scheduled to turn on and off automatically or manually triggered remotely from his WP7 handset. The system also monitors weather forecasts and, if the chance of rain is above 39-percent, any sprinkler activity for the day is canceled to avoid over watering the grass and plants. It's all pretty neat, and there's some DOS command line action thrown in for good measure. Check out the lengthy demo video after the break, and hit up the source for more detail and the necessary code to set up your own.