Mild-mannered RadioShack employee outs Google Wallet's launch date?

Okay, there's a possibility that our growing anxiousness for Google Wallet is distorting our perceptions. Or, perhaps we're merely days from its debut. Let's put it this way: new information from RadioShack suggests the retailer will begin accepting Google Wallet transactions on September 1st. While this fundamentally means that NFC readers will be in place -- which isn't earth-shattering news -- The Shack is one of Google Wallet's launch partners, and it seems the company is priming its employees for the revolution late next week. Like Fox Mulder, we want to believe. Worst case scenario, we now have proof that Google's launch partners are gearing up for its arrival. Hey, we're looking forward to handing over our phones to complete strangers. Aren't you?

Update: We're hearing this is more likely just another retailer ramping up for a launch later in the month, so don't get too eager for something shocking to happen on 9/1. Also, of course you don't need to hand over your phone to use Google Wallet. Customer-facing NFC readers mean it can stay very much on your person and out of the hands of sure-handed, dashing, and handsome retail workers.

[Thanks, Abed]