Engineer hacks a Kindle, creates easy to use prototype for sister with cerebral palsy

This may not be Amazon's next version of the Kindle, but this rad mod does fill a very unique purpose. Glenn, an electrical engineer, created what he's calling the Frankenkindle for his sister, who has cerebral palsy. This e-reader features controls that are much easier for her to use than the stock buttons on the factory offering. Using the keypad from a children's reader and Amazon's pride and joy, the fully functional device is only lacking a permanent mount for the hacked digital library and some wire organization. In between the buttons and the Kindle, he's customized a Teensy USB microcontroller to interpret and pass along the proper input commands. While fully aware the device will need some user testing, Glenn intends to tailor this bad boy to his sister's specific needs -- and if that wasn't enough he's got more tricks up his sleeve that will help others with physical disabilities. If you're wanting a quick walk through, check out the video after the break.