Nokia 701, 700 and 600 get hands-on treatment with Symbian Belle, Nokia proposes NFC love in China (video)

Nokia may be over Symbian in the United States, but the Finnish company is certainly pursuing the Chinese market with ferocity. Engadget China recently sat down with the three new devices from Espoo -- the 600, 700 and 701 -- along with its new operating system, Symbian Belle, and has a number of hands-on photos and videos for your perusal. We've got plenty more after the break. Join us, will ya?

While all devices share a common 640 x 360 resolution, the AMOLED display on the 700 was found to be the least desirable of the bunch, which exhibits a lack of sharpness compared to its LCD alternatives. Meanwhile, the IPS display on the 701, which features Nokia's ClearBlack polarizing filter, was the pick of the litter. To compensate for the additional layer, the phone has an especially bright backlight that's rated at 1000 nits. As for the 600, this less expensive (and more colorful) alternative was found to have a rubbery texture that made the device feel heavier than the other two -- although, it actually weighs 31 grams (1 ounce) less than the 701.
Of course, Symbian Belle is on display too, and we're given another preview of its pull-down menu, new keyboard and six customizable home screens -- all running on the 700. As all three devices feature NFC, Nokia is highlighting the functionality with a new (and very moving) ad that coincides with the rollout of Jiepang's roadside network of NFC-enabled signage across China. Give it your attention if you've got a few minutes to spare, and make sure to follow the source for our hands-on videos.