Metal Gear Solid HD, Uncharted 3 themed DualShocks coming to Japan [update]

Sony is releasing two new DualShock 3 color schemes in Japan, in honor of two upcoming games. For the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD Edition, SCEJ has an "Urban Camouflage" model. Uncharted 3 gets a tan/brown DualShock with a print of Drake's ring. They both fit the theme of their games and all, but they're not nearly as amusing as the baseball DualShock.

Japanese PS3 owners will be able to execute an on-site procurement of the Metal Gear controller by itself on November 17, for ¥5,500 ($71). The Uncharted 3 controller is bundled with the game, and will be available November 2 for ¥9,980 ($129).

Update: The "urban camo" controller will be released in North America this November, as Shacknews reported last month. It's not being billed as a Metal Gear tie-in here.