TomTom announces Z.E. Live navigation system to measure EV battery juice, keeps you truckin'

There's nothing worse than going for a late-night chili dog run only to find your EV sucked dry in a 7-11 parking lot. To reduce so-called "range-anxiety," there's the Carminat TomTom Z.E. Live, an in-dash navigation system that not only keeps drivers from getting lost, but also offers a visual cue to how much power's left. Sticking with the green theme, the device provides the most eco-friendly and efficient routes (with nearby charging stations) -- leaving drivers feeling good about putting the pedal to the metal. The nav will come pre-baked in all future Renault Fluence Z.E.s -- but we wouldn't be surprised to see other EV manufacturers implement similar add-ons in the future. Check out the full PR after the break.

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TomTom and Renault launch their first electric vehicle's in-dash navigation system
IAA 2011

AMSTERDAM & FRANKFURT--(BUSINESS WIRE)--At the IAA Frankfurt Motorshow TomTom and Renault today, launch their first in-dash navigation system, specifically designed for electric vehicles and standard fitted on the Fluence Z.E.

The Carminat TomTom Z.E. LIVE receives information from the battery on its current state of charge, which is used to determine the available range of the vehicle. This information is then visualised on the navigation screen, showing the journey against the available range and the routes to the charge stations. This will help to effectively plan charging and remove drivers' "range anxiety", giving them confidence that their journey can be completed. The system also includes an eco-routing - providing the driver with an option to select the most energy efficient route.

Finding the right charging station information and location (amongst the 5000+ that will be available in Europe at the end of 2011) is critical to drivers. The TomTom Home application will provide users with the latest charging station list each time they connect their SD card to their computer. The Carminat TomTom Z.E. LIVE will inform the users in real-time about the availability of charge stations en route, allowing them to stop and 'fill-up' when needed.

"This is the first navigation system TomTom is launching in the area of electric vehicles and it represents a great milestone for us as a company in this exciting new market. The Carminat TomTom Z.E. LIVE for Fluence Z.E., is also the third major development in the already successful Carminat TomTom series and underlines our fruitful relationship with Renault," says Giles Shrimpton, Managing Director TomTom Automotive.

"We are very happy with the strong partnership we have developed with TomTom over the years and that we are able to give birth today to the next evolution of our product – the new Carminat TomTom Z.E. LIVE. This solution is a key feature of our new Fluence Z.E. The electric vehicle programme is of great importance to us at Renault and the Carminat TomTom Z.E. LIVE plays a significant role in its success", says Stephen Norman, Global Marketing & Communications Director, Renault.

In addition, the Carminat TomTom Z.E. LIVE comes with LIVE Services including HD Traffic, providing drivers with its unique dynamic routing; giving them the fastest route to their destination based on the latest traffic situation.

Key Features

* Electric vehicle routing functionality, including routing to and via charge stations, and integration with battery management solution
* Eco-routing function
* Visualisation of available range on the map and navigation display
* Automatic updates of charge stations via TomTom Home with search functions for locating of nearest charge station, as well as those around destination or other location
* HD Traffic – unique combination of real-time traffic, based on a network of over 80 million probes in Europe and dynamic routing
* Local Search
* Weather
* Safety camera alerts, to help the customer to drive more safely and responsibly.
* IQ Routes technology so the user always gets the best route to his destination. This technology calculates your routes based on the real average speeds measured on roads. Always providing you with the fastest route, and most accurate travel time, hour-by-hour, day-by-day, saving you time, money and fuel.
* Advanced Lane Guidance shows which lane to take at junctions so you don't miss your turn. On the most difficult highway intersections, realistic 3D representation of the junction keeps customers relaxed and safe.
* TomTom Map Share allows the user to make corrections to his/her own map and able to benefit from thousands of corrections made by TomTom users every day.