Amazon adds e-readers to Trade-In program, ebook lovers pass the old Kindles to the Bezos side

Early adopters are usually SOL a few months into owning their new doodads. After helping make products successful, their version 1.0 devices are often cast aside to make room for the newer, better, faster kit waiting in the pipeline. If you happened to jump on the Kindle bandwagon early on or even just a short while ago, you may be feeling these very flames of tech fury whenever you consider the company's newly refreshed line. Well, buck up bookworms, a partial solution to your economic woes is now available. Amazon's accepting your used and abused e-readers in exchange for a gift card applicable to any purchases you make on the site. It's the same old trade-in program the Bezos-backed company's been running for years, only now you'll have a more sensible way to upgrade your E Ink or tablet game.