Cubic Telecom's Maxroam data SIM card lets you roam the globe without breaking the bank

It's never easy to travel the globe on a tight budget, but Cubic Telecom is doing its best to ease the financial burden a bit, with its new Maxroam card -- a global data SIM card that allows American travelers to access the web for just 65 cents per MB. The card, available without any subscription or contract, works within a total of 43 countries, including India, Australia, South Africa and Europe. All you have to do is purchase the card, insert it in your unlocked handset and activate it online. From there, you'll be able to use Maxroam until you reach the data limit, without worrying about expiration dates or time constraints. It's available now at the source link below, though as Cubic Telecom points out, final data rates may vary with the euro/dollar exchange rate.

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Cubic Telecom Announces Lowest Cost Global Roaming at 65c per MB with New MAXROAM Global Data SIM Cards

With MAXROAM's new global data roaming bundles, the message to travellers is clear: 'Turn your data roaming back on!'

Mountain View, CA - December 5, 2011- Cubic Telecom ( today launched a new global data SIM card which allows users to travel the world without worrying about the high cost of data roaming or mobile Internet connectivity. The new MAXROAM ( card enables U.S. travellers to browse the web, tweet, use Facebook and Skype, or check email on their smart phones and tablets, like they do at home, for only 65 cents per MB with no monthly subscriptions or contract required.

The new cards work across 43 countries worldwide, including Europe as well as major global markets such as India, Australia, South Africa and South East Asia. The cards are good until the data limit has been reached; there are no time restrictions or expiration dates.

"The appetite amongst consumers for data services has been increasing significantly, particularly for business travellers. With this new product, travellers can connect to the Internet without worrying about bill-shock and enormous fees," said Pat Phelan, MAXROAM Director of Innovation. "When you compare this data rate with typical rate charges by other operators around the world which can be as high $20 per MB, you can really see how much more affordable and accessible we have made data roaming."

To use the MAXROAM service, customers can order the SIM card from MAXROAM's web site (, replace the SIM in their GSM (unlocked) phones, activate the card online and as soon as they arrive at their travel destination, start Tweeting, looking at Facebook, Skype or email and visiting favorite websites for one low data rate.

Cubic Telecom's new MAXROAM global data roaming card provides data coverage in more than 200 countries, providing up to 70 percent savings over standard roaming costs. Cards are available immediately from US dollar rates will vary according to Euro/US dollar conversion.