Kogan advertises Samsung LCDs in its HDTVs, Samsung would rather not take credit

It won't be shocking to most in the electronics industry, but the rest of the world probably doesn't realize that many products use components from other manufacturers and even direct competitors. So much like most hard drives are made by one of only a few companies, there are only about four LCD panel manufacturers. But just because it's Samsung inside doesn't make it the same, and in that vein Samsung took pause with the Australian value-minded brand, Kogan, when its commercial very plainly exposed just who makes the panels in its TVs . The cease and desist notice didn't sit well with Ruslan Kogan, who claims his company never agreed to obscure that fact and that he wouldn't "conceal the truth from the public." While we usually wish everyone could just get along, we can totally see where Samsung is coming from on this one, as there is far more involved in making a quality TV, beyond sourcing a great panel.