Facebook for Android update going live today, promises UI tweaks and faster photos (update: live!)

We already knew a much-needed update to Facebook's Android app was close at hand, but we finally have the confirmation from the horse's mouth that the upcoming refresh will go live at some point today. The new version of the app will offer photos and albums at double the speed, a new menu on the left-hand side, and the ability for messages to "float" above the rest of the screen rather than exiting the page you're currently viewing. And while the social networking app technically works on devices running Ice Cream Sandwich, plenty of concerns have arisen regarding its lack of integration with the new OS; fortunately, it shows the update as it would look on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus -- we're crossing our fingers that this is some type of hint that we'll see contact syncing for Android 4.0 included as part of the download, but it's all wishful thinking. We'll keep you posted if it actually happens.

Update: As of 9:30PM ET or so the updated version is live on the Android Market. The description is still lagging as of this writing, but feel free to snatch the new version on the mobile device of your choice and let us know how it's working. Unfortunately contact sync in ICS is still a no-go, but at least the settings are actually accessible now. If you're having trouble (blank screen when launching the app, etc.) we're hearing clearing the cache may resolve any issues.

[Thanks, Thomas]