Apple awarded a patent for in-call app switching, starts drafting next lawsuit

Wondering how Apple planned to follow up its small victory over HTC in front of the ITC? Well, in addition to opening up a new front in its war on Samsung, the Cupertino crew have added yet another arrow to its IP quiver. The company has been awarded a patent for a "portable electronic device with graphical user interface supporting application switching." In other words, a multitasking smartphone. Of course, despite its rather broad wording (which appears to cover almost any phone that lets you switch between calls and apps) an infringing device would have to copy almost every facet of the design to find itself on the wrong side of an ITC judgment. But don't you worry, we're sure Apple lawyers are already hard at work figuring out which Android skin they'll have the most success against in court. And Google is probably already sharing collections of prior art with its manufacturers circle.