Team Win Recovery Project 2.0 goes gold, tells your volume rocker to kiss off

It took a little longer than we would have hoped, or initially anticipated, but Team Win Recovery Project 2.0 is finally here and ready for mass consumption. Ever since we got our first glimpse of the touch-based recovery tool back in September, we've been eagerly anticipating the ability to flash ROMs, back up our Android phones and wipe our Dalvik cache without the need to rely on our volume rockers for navigating menus. The finger-friendly ClockworkMod alternative is compatible with both tablets and phones, but the list of officially supported devices is reasonably small at the moment. It does, however, include the Nexus S, the Kindle Fire and the TouchPad. If you need a refresher of what TWRP (that's pronounced "twerp") 2.0 looks like, check out the video after the break and hit up the source to download it now.