Wi-Spi Helicopter and Intruder RC toys put the childlike wonder back into spying on your neighbors

Sick and tired of spying on the neighbors the old-fashioned way? Good news, all. Interactive Toy Designs showed off two new products in its not-so-subtly named Wi-Spi line of remote control vehicles. Really driving the notion home is the Intruder, the name given to the little red sports car. The helicopter, on the other hand, is called just that, though we're sure you can intrude upon people with the thing, if you really put your mind to it. Both vehicles have built-in cameras that beam live feeds to your iPhone or Android devices. You can also record the video and upload it instantly to social networking sites, to really get that spying 2.0 feel. The Intruder and Helicopter are both arriving in the fall, for $100 and $120, respectively.

Edgar Alvarez contributed to this report.