Iogear launches the Wireless Multi-Touch Pad, does what you probably think it does

Hey, it's the Wireless Multi-Touch Pad from Iogear, a multitouch wireless touchpad for the PC. The 2.4GHz peripheral lets you control your computer up to 33 feet, using single and two-finger touch gestures. The pad also has right and left click functionality and six hot keys for tasks like volume and home. The plug-in is available now for $80. Double tap for the PR after the break.

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IOGEAR, a leader in convergence through connectivity products, introduces an unique computer peripheral product ideal for boardrooms, classrooms, offices or anywhere input control is needed. The 2.4GHz Wireless Multi-Touch Pad (GTP520R) provides an efficient navigation experience with the added benefit of hotkeys and intelligent multi-finger functions. When used with a wireless keyboard, the Wireless Multi-Touch Pad creates an easy browsing and control experience that maximizes productivity and finger strokes, without the hassle of being tethered to a computer.

With superior navigation and comfort as the inspiration, the 2.4GHz Wireless Multi-Touch Pad provides the same capabilities as a conventional mouse, including right and
left click actions and instant cursor feedback. It's just like sliding a mouse around a desktop to control a cursor, except it's sliding a finger around a touch-pad.

Multi-touch commands allow the use of multi-finger gestures for even more efficient and intuitive control and navigation, much like one would get with a smartphone or tablet. Browsing, scrolling, image viewing and navigating web and computer programs becomes quicker and more natural when finger motions like the one listed below are used:

• Multi-select: double-tap your finger and select multiple icons, or a section for Drag & Drop

• 1-Finger Gestures: mouse click, right/left mouse click, mouse select, vertical scroll, back/forward command flick,

• 2-Finger Gestures: pan screen side to side and up and down, object zoom in/out,
rotate object

For added convenience, IOGEAR placed six hot keys at the top of the touchpad to control A/V media functions including: volume up and down, skip track, home and more. Wireless control of media from the convenience of the couch, from up to 33 feet away gives the Wireless Multi-Touch Pad appeal beyond just a typical PC productivity device, with potential users for home theater PCs and other media friendly devices.

Engineered for ergonomics and mobility, the Wireless Multi-Touch Pad allows users to freely interact with their PC from anywhere within 33 feet, leveraging the 2.4GHz wireless frequency. With nearly five inches of touchscreen space, it also offers ample room for pointing, scrolling, dragging and more. The included USB Nano Adapter is super compact and ensures delays, dropouts and other kinds of interference don't get in the way of performance. And since the adapter stores easily in the battery compartment, there's never a worry about misplacing.

"Multi-touch control is changing the way we interface with devices," said Bill Nguyen, senior marketing manager at IOGEAR. "From tablets and smartphones to laptops and computer peripherals, people have trained their hands to use touchscreens comfortably and productively and our Wireless Multi-Touch Pad takes this control to the next level."

Multi-touch gives users the ability to navigate more comfortably and efficiently, depending how a user interacts with it. Beyond the standard one-finger touch and click or even the two-finger expand or shrink view features, the GTP520R offers advanced input controls with nearly five square inches of touchscreen space.

The 2.4 GHz Wireless Multi-Touch Pad (GTP520R) is now available with an MSRP of $79.95.

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