Updated TiVo Netflix, YouTube interfaces and iPad streaming hands-on

Like us, you're probably wondering what's new with TiVo at CES. Typically the company doesn't issue press releases during CES, or even announce new products, but private meetings are held in TiVo's meeting space. In said space, we were able to take in demos of the latest Netflix and YouTube interfaces running on the TiVo Premiere. The refreshed look is greatly appreciated, as in the ability to search and even add movies to your Netflix queue -- there is even support for 5.1 surround sound. Both interfaces should look familiar if you've ever seen the Insignia cTV with TiVo design. The demo was an early version, but we're told the updates should be hitting your Tivo this spring. Also on display was a little TiVo box with a transcoder built-in that connects to the Premiere via the network and leverages the new streaming features added in the latest update. The TiVo Premiere for iPad and iPhone apps were able to stream recordings, watch Live TV or download recordings to be watched later. The experienced was very responsive and, unlike many other tech demos, there weren't any glitches or errors. Right now the little box doesn't even have a name, nevertheless a release date or price, but we did find it interesting to learn that the iOS devices stream the content directly from the little guy.