Canon EOS C300 to hit Japanese stores on the 31st, PL version coming in March

Do you have deep pockets? And do those pockets happen to be located in Japan? Well if you're also in the market for Canon's EOS C300 cinema camera, you might be in luck. The company has confirmed that its motion-picture-shooting flagship will be available in Japanese retail stores by January 31st -- exactly one week from today. As the story goes with expensive electronics in Japan, pricing is "open" at this point, meaning you might have to hit up a retailer for an amount before making two dozen trips to the ATM. But if money's no object (just that pesky release date), you should be on your way to making Cinema EOS magic before the month is out. And if your kit is best suited for the PL-mount version, expect that to ship in late March, "open" pricing in tow.