Snow Leopard update wreaks havoc on Rosetta, luddite users contemplate running with Lion (update)

Normally updates are meant to better your OS, delivering necessary tweaks and performance improvements. But this latest batch out of Cupertino's managed to do just the opposite for users running the Lion 10.7.3 package, as it's caused many applications to force crash and bewildered users to restore Time Machine backups. Well, now the hordes clinging to Snow Leopard can join in the commiseration, as forums begin to flood with reports of failed Rosetta compatibility. That software, essential for PowerPC programs to run on Apple's preferred Intel chipset, has been rendered useless by a just released security fix, prompting one community member to craft a DIY patch. While, Apple is reportedly working on a cure-all for these rampant woes, we'd caution any who haven't taken the plunge to sit this one out for a bit.

Update: Good news for those of you on Lion that haven't updated, as Apple's pulled the 10.7.3 delta update (responsible for borked installs), leaving those who haven't taken the plunge to try the larger (and non-problematic) combo one. Unfortunately for users of Snow Leopard, though, the troublesome security update lives on, so until Cupertino rectifies (and we update), sound off on how the temporary fix is treating you in the comments below.