iFixit pries apart the Droid 4, strips slider to see its silicon insides

Verizon's Droid 4 was officially released last week, so naturally, iFixit spent the weekend pulling the phone apart for all to see. Among the nuggets of knowledge uncovered during the teardown is the discovery that the fourth iteration breaks from Droid tradition in a couple of not-so-positive ways. First off, Moto decided to integrate the keyboard into the motherboard, meaning if one of your keys quits working, you'll have to replace the motherboard, too. Not only that, but the Droid 4's battery is purportedly no longer user-replaceable, though iFixit's deft disembodied hands were able to pry it loose with some effort. It's not all bad, as the teardown did confirm that the handset does, in fact, pack the promised 16GB of onboard storage. Don't take our word for it, though, there's a bevy of pics of the flayed phone for your perusal at the source link below, so hop on over for the full monty.