White Galaxy Nexus hands-on: a taste of vanilla-flavored Ice Cream Sandwich (video)

When it rains it pours. Hot on the heels of last week's fabulous white Nokia N9, we just received Samsung's freshly minted "chic white" Galaxy Nexus thanks to our friends at Negri Electronics. This handsome phone -- which is spec-wise identical to the HSPA+ version we reviewed last year -- sheds the default gunmetal gray skin for a lovely satin white finish. Further differences include a chrome camera pod (instead of black) and a much smaller dot-pattern on the textured battery cover. The handset, which is running Android 4.0.2, goes by the name "yakjuxw", meaning that unlike its official "yakju" cousin, it won't be getting software updates directly from Google. Still, the bootloader is unlocked, making it relatively painless to switch ROMs. What's most intriguing about this particular unit, however, is that it shipped with a North American charger instead of the expected UK adapter. Is this an unannounced US / Canadian market device? Go ahead and ponder that while you savor a taste of vanilla-flavored Ice Cream Sandwich in our gallery below, then watch our unboxing video after the break.