DCUO's Battle for Earth pack spells the final confrontation with Braniac


The confrontation between Brainiac and the world's most superpowered figures is coming to a head, as SOE announced that a final confrontation with DC Universe Online's premier villain will take place in the game's third DLC pack. Titled The Battle for Earth, the pack will pit players against Brainiac's final avatar, the Avatar of Magic, during a raid on Wonder Woman's home of Themyscira.

To assist players with this new raid, SOE is arming superheroes with the game's ninth powerset: Earth Powers. Earth-using heroes can excel at both tanking and damage by using earthquakes and constructs to bring the pain to enemies.

The core of the pack's storyline will lead players through the struggles against Brainiac as he creates Prime Avatars to conquer the world. The Battle for Earth DLC pack also includes an invasion in South Gotham, another raid, duos, and a Courthouse Alert.

SOE says that the DLC pack is coming "soon" and will be included for Legendary members or available to purchase for Premium and free players. You can check out screenshots from the pack in the gallery below.

[Source: SOE press release]