Mistborn fantasy novels becoming Birthright game, due out Fall 2013

Brandon Sanderson is the author who was selected to finish off the popular Wheel of Time series of fantasy novels after Robert Jordan passed away, and of course he's a legitimate author in his own right with a New York Times top ten series called Mistborn. Sanderson has announced on his own blog that he's teaming up with Little Orbit Games (creators of licensed games for Young Justice and Sherlock Holmes) to turn Mistborn's setting into a video game.

The game is set as sort of a prequel to the books, taking place hundreds of years in the past. Sanderson says he's been impressed by Little Orbit from working with them so far, and while there's not a lot of information on the game yet, he says the company "envisioned the game the same way I always had." Sanderson will be staying away from the actual game's design, but he will be writing the plot and dialogue. Mistborn: Birthright is due out on "video game platforms" later on in 2013.