Lava's Medfield-based Xolo X900 smartphone gets reviewed by AnandTech

We briefly got our hands on the Medfield-based Xolo X900 back in February, and have seen some benchmarks from Lenovo's K800 (based on the same reference design), but AnandTech has now provided a typically thorough review of the device that's ushering in Intel's new push into smartphones. In short, the phone is a solid first step, but not something that AnandTech sees as a flagship device. Battery life is respectable and performance is even better (scoring among the top of the heap in most benchmarks), and both the screen and camera manage to impress, but AnandTech didn't find anything that pulled the device ahead of the competition. In its own words, "on the one hand it's a good thing that you can't tell an Intel smartphone apart from one running an ARM based SoC, on the other hand it does nothing to actually sell the Intel experience." Hit the source link below for the full review and benchmarks.