Report: Gamestop to add Samsung Android devices to trade-in list


Gamestop's plodding metamorphosis from pseudo-pawn shop to actual pawn shop continues, as the massive retailer/reseller is poised to begin accepting four specific Samsung-made, Android-powered devices as trade-ins, according to a report from Gadget Experts.

In addition to the iPhones and iPads already accepted for trade-in, "select stores" will begin accepting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung Nexus S and Samsung Infuse sometime this summer, with a nation-wide roll out expected before the 2012 holiday season, Gadget Experts writes. None of this news is particularly surprising, considering that smartphones and tablets continue to gain ground as portable gaming devices. Also, Android devices are a thing that Gamestop isn't selling you that they totally could be, which obviously must be corrected.